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VIEWS – Southgate’s squad shows the benefits of team unity to make the nation proud

VIEWS – Ollie Robinson’s controversial tweets raise questions of corporate responsibility

VIEWS – Planning Reforms will increase importance of communications

VIEWS – Tesco ‘Pop into Your Local’

NEWS – Planning success for Quantum PR client’s Energy Recovery Centre in Corby

NEWS – Boosting Business in Maidstone

NEWS – Scaling Up Ashford

NEWS – Rockland Revamp

Maidstone Business Forum

NEWS – Quantum PR delivers first Business Forum for Maidstone Borough Council

NEWS – Quantum PR to boost operations with Scale Up

NEWS – Quantum rebrands landfill operator to Enovert

VIEWS – Is Twitter’s credibility under threat when we let others tweet on our behalf?

NEWS: Quantum PR welcomes new apprentice!

NEWS: Education recruitment specialist hires Quantum

NEWS: Have you got what it takes to become Quantum’s next apprentice?

VIEWS: Why the spotlight needs to remain on case studies

VIEWS: A happy office is a healthy office

NEWS: Has the PRCA’s PR apprenticeship scheme worked?

VIEWS: Media interviews: For goodness sake get your facts right!

Content is King

VIEWS: Content is king

United Airlines

VIEWS: Bad press for United Airlines is a reminder of the power of social media


VIEWS: Howard’s Gibraltar gaffe shows the value of considered communications

VIEWS: Effective consultation and communications can speed up new home delivery

VIEWS: Nostalgia for Nokia 3310 is a marketing dream

NEWS: Refreshing revamp for recycling authority’s web

Fake News

VIEWS: Fake news: bad news for PR?

VIEWS: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

NEWS: Robin restarts career with return to Quantum

VIEWS: Trump’s victory: It’s about language, stupid

NEWS: Will PR ever be represented in the boardroom?

NEWS: Quantum PR says “You’re Hired” to apprentice!

VIEWS: The Quantum Apprentice: You’re Hired!

NEWS: Quantum PR celebrates 10th anniversary

NEWS: Quantum helps to promote new ‘social supermarket’ Nifties!

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