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Has the PRCA’s PR apprenticeship scheme worked?

4th May 2017

Six years ago, the PRCA launched a PR apprenticeship scheme, offering a Level 4 Diploma in Public Relations following 15 months of theory-based coursework and practical work-based experience.


Quantum PR took on its first PR apprentice, school-leaver Beverley Southern, in July 2015. Having completed the course in October 2016, Quantum’s Managing Director, Charlie Vavasour, spoke to about the success of the PR apprenticeship scheme.


“Our apprentice experience has been overwhelmingly positive, with our apprentice Beverley now a permanent account executive. The apprenticeship course provided a good basic grounding in the industry which, combined with the practical work experience, very quickly produced a competent and confident all-rounder.”


While some organisations have a much less successful experience with apprentices, Charlie recognises that an apprenticeship will only be as successful as the selected apprentice.


“A few tips to picking a good apprentice include: ensuring they have a clear understanding of, and passion for PR; delving into their motivation for doing an apprenticeship to make sure it’s not just ‘something to do’; ascertaining their reasons for not going to university; and making sure they are mature enough to fit into a corporate environment.”


“Beverley clearly understood what PR was and had undertaken considerable research into the apprenticeship and everything that it entailed. She had persuasive reasons for not wanting to do a degree course, despite excellent A level results. Perhaps most importantly, she was mature enough to join a small team and position herself as an equal with older colleagues which really helped her development.”


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