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ESG Reporting – Helping you on the journey to sustainability

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting is becoming increasingly important to organisations that are keen to demonstrate that their business is sustainable and resilient. A range of metrics are used to provide stakeholders and investors with credible, verifiable and comparable data, helping them to make informed decisions about where to invest.

By reporting on ESG performance, companies send a signal that they can mitigate risks and generate sustainable long-term financial returns. ESG reports provide information across three broad topic areas:

While ESG reporting is predominantly used by blue chip companies and large financial institutions, small and medium sized enterprises are increasingly expected to demonstrate their contribution to achieving sustainability targets.

For SMEs, the benefits may include potential synergies between ESG issues and the company’s strategic and operational goals, enhanced corporate reputation, improved employee, customer and stakeholder goodwill, and the attainment of a competitive advantage.

While the benefits of ESG reporting are clear, the process can prove challenging for SMEs which may lack the time and in-house resources to compile detailed reports.

Quantum PR can support your organisation with preparing ESG performance reports. By making reporting easier and more effective, we will help you demonstrate ESG compliance and how you add value through active ESG management.

With our decades of public relations experience, we can also help you communicate the progress your organisation has made, to demonstrate your commitment to improving sustainability in your sector.

Contact Quantum PR today to learn more about how ESG reporting can benefit your business and how we can support you on the journey to a sustainable future.