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Crisis Communication and Reputation Management

Hard won and easily lost, your organisation lives and dies by its reputation. Protecting your reputation from threats, challenges and unforeseen circumstances is essential to maintain trust and goodwill in your products and services.

Any business or organisation can be struck by a crisis, from blue-chip multi-nationals to sole traders. In such circumstances, a clear, swift and professional response is required to build bridges, protect your standing and limit damage to your organisation’s reputation. However, it is often hard for individuals within an organisation to take a step back and approach a crisis objectively.

Quantum’s pedigree in crisis communications and reputation management is extensive. As the leading provider of strategic crisis PR support to the education sector, over the past decade Quantum PR has supported more than 100 education providers that faced a serious threat to their corporate reputation. In each case, a strategic crisis plan and crisis communications support has protected the reputation of our clients.

Protecting your reputation also means anticipating crises before they happen and making sure you understand any potential risks. We’ll work with you to identify any weaknesses or threats – and make sure they’re addressed before they become a problem.

Our consultants also provide expert media training to ensure your spokespeople are prepared to deal with the media should the situation call for it.

Reflecting the nature of crises we provide a 24/7 service. If you need urgent assistance with crisis communications, please contact Charlie Vavasour on 01233 500200 or email

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