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Quantum PR’s public consultation services help organisations to engage with key stakeholders, develop informed opinions and build positive relationships.

If you’re planning a significant development that may impact upon the community, then effective consultation and stakeholder engagement is critical to the success of your scheme.

Quantum provides persuasive public consultation and engagement support to many developers across the UK, from housing developers and infrastructure companies to the waste management and renewable energy sectors.

We help our clients to distil the key benefits of their scheme, proactively counter negative arguments or misinformation, and present a compelling argument in favour of their project. What’s more, we gather invaluable feedback from all stakeholders, which developers can use to inform, improve and adapt their plans to give their project the best chance of success.

By employing tried and tested communications methods tailored to your specific project, our approach will generate the support your scheme requires among stakeholders and influencers at all levels of the community, from politicians and statutory bodies to the man or woman on the street.

We plan meticulously to ensure every aspect of your public consultation goes smoothly, from organising mailings and booking venues to producing exhibition materials… and even making sure that much needed refreshments are on hand!

Planning Support

Our consultants understand the complex and sensitive nature of planning applications. We have vast experience of working closely with planners and lawyers as part of a seamless team.

Effective communications with the local community, stakeholders, opinion formers and decision makers can make the difference between success and failure for your project.

With a team of specialists in community, political and stakeholder engagement we take complex and often contentious issues and work with developers to present clear and concise facts, engage with communities and motivate support.

Our planning and consultation work supports projects including housing developments, renewable energy and waste management facilities, urban regeneration, retirement homes, business parks, sports facilities and anaerobic digestion plants.

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